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A Year In Winter

A Year In Winter

The colorful adventures of a French student around the world

A new blog A new blog Because of some issues with this website, I have relocated the blog. You can find the new articles here: https://www.ayearinwinter.wordpress.com/ Old ones will follow Mig Lire la suite
Tons of knowledge Tons of knowledge Hola ! Today I have decided it was more than time to publish the pictures I took over Christmas when I was in Paris and went to visit the Louvre. Since it was a long time ago, I have also decided to write about the another museum, which I visited yesterday:... Lire la suite
Barcelona ! Barcelona ! Hola ! I arrived in Barcelona one week ago, and what a busy week it has been! I left snowy Joensuu on saturday morning and arrived in Barcelona in the late evening, around 11pm. The trip was super long, but worth it! Indeed Barcelona is a great city,... Lire la suite
Leaving Leaving Hei ! I have been quite silent those last two-three months. I guess I was just too lazy to write anything, and at the same time not much has happened. I still have some articles and pictures waiting to be published, about the Louvre museum where I was... Lire la suite
The Alps The Alps Hi ! It has been more than one month since my last article ... sorry for that. But in the meantime, I've finished almost all my exams; left the Noth pole, gone back home and enjoyed the company of my family and friends. I left Joensuu more than two weeks... Lire la suite
In the cold and dark Finnish winter .... In the cold and dark Finnish winter .... Hei ! It's been a long time since my last article, and the reason is quite simple: I've been quite busy ! November has been the worse month so far, with courses and assignments accumulating day after day. I'm taking at least 5 courses at the same time,... Lire la suite
Winter has come ! Winter has come ! Yes, here it is, and everything is now covered in white. It is already the third time we have snow here in Joensuu, but this time, it seems that it's gonna stay longer. The atmosphere has changed a lot now, and it's very quiet in the streets (not that... Lire la suite
Through the mists of time Through the mists of time Hei ! Today, another post about Russia, because, beause I've had such a good time there that I feel I must write a bit more. The main highlight from that trip to the imperial capital of St Petersburg has been the visit to the Hermitage, the national Arts... Lire la suite
The city of tsars The city of tsars Hei ! Last weekend, I embarked on a cruise to Russia, and it has been an amazing trip! We left Joensuu on friday morning and made our way through Finland to Helsinki, where Princess Maria was waiting for us in the harbour. The boat was smaller and older... Lire la suite
Erasmus II - The return Erasmus II - The return Moi ! Today has been such a shitty day: starting at 8am (can you believe it ?) for 5 hours of not so interesting lectures and ending with my key breaking in my bike lock, forcing me to walk 10+km to get a new one .... under the rain ! Oh well, now it's... Lire la suite
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